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Restaurant Indian Spice

A Taste of India in the Heart of Europe


The objective of the Restaurant Indian Spice project was to elevate the restaurant's online presence, expand its reach, and provide customers with a seamless ordering experience through the development of a comprehensive website and mobile app. Luminalogik aimed to encapsulate the warmth and authenticity of Restaurant Indian Spice's dining experience in the digital realm.


Situated in the heart of Europe, Restaurant Indian Spice is a renowned dining destination offering authentic Indian cuisine. Known for its warm ambiance and traditional decor, the restaurant has become a go-to spot for food enthusiasts seeking a taste of India in Europe. The establishment also provides catering services for private events, adding versatility to its offerings.
  • Order your food from your preferred vendors
  • Receive your parcel within 30-40 minutes.

Project Goals

Develop a user-friendly website and mobile app that aligns with the restaurant's brand identity.
Expand the restaurant's online presence to reach a wider audience.
Provide customers with a seamless and immersive ordering experience.


Restaurant Indian Spice faced the challenge of translating its authentic dining experience into the digital space. The absence of an online platform hindered the restaurant's ability to reach a broader audience and offer a streamlined ordering process.


In addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by Restaurant Indian Spice, Luminalogik embarked on a comprehensive journey to bring the essence of the authentic dining experience into the digital realm. To tackle the absence of an online platform, our team initiated a meticulous planning and research phase. Thorough exploration of the restaurant industry, target audience, and competitor landscape culminated in a detailed project plan, outlining timelines, deliverables, and milestones.


Conducting in-depth interviews and discussions with the restaurant's management to understand their vision, goals, and requirements. The team created detailed user personas to guide the design process, ensuring a user-centered approach.

User Interview

In the context of our collaboration with Restaurant Indian Spice, the Discover Phase involved essential user interviews. These interviews stand as a critical element in our UX research, providing a direct avenue for designers to gain firsthand insights into the intricacies of user behaviors, preferences, and pain points. Facilitated through open-ended questions, these conversations become a rich source of invaluable information. Beyond data, they cultivate a deep sense of empathy, playing a crucial role in shaping a user-centered design philosophy tailored to align precisely with the distinct needs and expectations of Restaurant Indian Spice's diverse customer base.

User Persona

The process of developing user personas for Restaurant Indian Spice is a nuanced endeavor, aiming to distill the essential traits, behaviors, and preferences of our diverse clientele. By intricately personifying our customers, whether they are busy professionals seeking convenience or food enthusiasts with a penchant for variety, we create detailed archetypes. These personas serve as guiding beacons, influencing our design decisions to ensure a meticulously tailored and empathetic user experience. This approach resonates intimately with the individual needs and expectations of our patrons, enhancing their journey with Restaurant Indian Spice both online and in our traditional dining space.


Collaboration between Luminalogik's designers and the restaurant's management resulted in a unique design that reflected Indian Spice's brand identity. Wireframes and mockups were developed, presenting an immersive customer experience.


Building on the finalized design, Luminalogik's developers utilized the latest technologies and best practices to create a user-friendly website and mobile app. Integration with third-party services streamlined online payments, food delivery, and social media engagement.

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