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Monitored Blended Learning (MBL), a school with a mission to positively impact German language learning, aimed to extend its reach and impact through an online platform. The objective was to create a website that could help the school connect with a broader audience and further its commitment to quality education.


Founded with a vision by two dedicated teachers, Monitored Blended Learning (MBL) focuses on assisting international students in Germany with their language learning journey. Luminalogik had the privilege of collaborating on the website development project, taking over from a UK-based IT company to enhance and refine the existing codebase while introducing new features.
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Project Goals

Develop a user-friendly website interface that aligns with MBL's values and mission.
Ensure a responsive design for accessibility across various devices.
Implement a robust content management system for easy website maintenance.


The existing website, initially developed by another IT company, required refactoring of the codebase and the incorporation of new features. MBL needed a digital platform that could effectively communicate its mission, facilitate donations, and provide an interactive learning experience


In response to Monitored Blended Learning's (MBL) challenges, Luminalogik crafted a comprehensive solution to enhance the existing website and propel MBL's mission further. The team initiated meticulous codebase refactoring, addressing the intricacies left by the previous development phase. Simultaneously, Luminalogik introduced novel features to augment the digital learning experience


Engaged in multiple meetings with MBL's team to understand their vision and objectives. Created detailed user personas to guide the design process, ensuring a user-centric approach.

User Interview

At Monitored Blended Learning (MBL), user interviews stand as a cornerstone in our UX research methodology. They play a pivotal role in enabling our designers to directly glean insights into the behaviors, preferences, and pain points of our users. These interviews, structured with open-ended questions, reveal invaluable information that fosters a deeper understanding and empathy. This understanding becomes the guiding force in shaping a user-centered design philosophy at MBL, ensuring our digital solutions align seamlessly with the diverse needs and expectations of our students and the education community.

User Persona

Creating user personas for Monitored Blended Learning (MBL) is a meticulous process that involves distilling essential traits, behaviors, and preferences from our diverse user base. By personifying our students, encompassing those driven by academic rigor, international learners seeking cultural immersion, or individuals balancing work and education, we craft detailed archetypes. These personas serve as guiding beacons in our design decisions, ensuring a personalized and empathetic user experience that aligns intimately with the unique educational journeys of each MBL user.


Collaborated closely with MBL to brainstorm and ideate design concepts, focusing on a clean, modern look that reflects the school's values.

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