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Laureled - Transforming Tradition into Digital Triumph


Laureled, a German luxury fashion brand, sought to transition from a successful B2B model to conquer the direct-to-consumer market. The primary objective was to establish a captivating B2C website, driving acquisition, and fostering long-term customer retention. Luminalogik was engaged to create a strategic, visually appealing, and high-converting ecommerce platform


Founded in 2018, Laureled drew inspiration from tradition while embracing future-focused fashion trends. Initially a wholesale/B2B brand, Laureled desired a direct connection with consumers, prompting the need for a robust B2C website.
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Project Goals

Create customizable and proven e-commerce features.
Implement pre-launch marketing strategies for brand awareness and lead generation..
Optimize meta ad account structure for full-funnel marketing


Despite having built brand awareness, Laureled faced the challenge of driving quality audiences to a high-converting ecommerce platform and lacked a feasible strategy to achieve this goal.


Luminalogik's solution involved strategic planning, crafting a pre-launch marketing plan, and structuring a full-funnel meta ad account for extensive outreach. In design, we collaborated closely with Laureled, creating an immersive user experience with customizable e-commerce features.


Conducted user interviews to understand preferences and behaviors, leading to the creation of detailed user personas that guided design decisions.

User Interview

User interviews took center stage in our UX research at Laureled, serving as a crucial means for our designers to gain firsthand insights into the unique behaviors, preferences, and pain points of our audience. Through thoughtful, open-ended questions, these interviews unveil invaluable information, nurturing empathy and sculpting a design philosophy that is not just user-centered but intricately aligned with the distinctive needs and expectations of Laureled's audience.

User Persona

Developing user personas for Laureled is a meticulous process that involves distilling essential traits, behaviors, and preferences from our diverse user base. By personifying our clientele, ranging from style-conscious trendsetters to those seeking timeless elegance, we construct detailed archetypes. These personas serve as guiding stars in our design decisions, ensuring a bespoke and empathetic user experience that harmonizes with individual fashion aspirations.


Collaborated closely with Laureled's team to brainstorm and ideate design concepts. Explored themes that reflected the brand's identity and facilitated an immersive customer experience.


Developed wireframes and mockups for both the website and mobile app. Ensured alignment with Laureled's brand identity and received feedback for refinement.

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